Why and Why not use table recover – Oracle 12c

Today will gonna discuss about RMAN table recovery, one of new features of Oracle 12c and my personal view of this feature.

Official documentation you could found here.

Basically RMAN use the mecanism of Point in Time recovery and automates the way that we can do a recover for a single table. Before Oracle 12c we can do it manually.

Inside of this mecanism, RMAN create auxiliary instance to perform recovery, get only necessary information: RMAN restore and recover the SYSTEM, SYSAUX, UNDO tablespaces + tablespace where table resides and use a datapump (expdp and impdp – if you configurate to import this on database) to get point-in-time information.

Why use this mecanism?

  • Because it permitted to get the old information dropped (accidentally or not for some user, of course if you have the previous backup) without restore all database.
  • It very easy to use: its permitted to recover the information of tape or disk backup based. You only have the information available.
  • You can set the recover to import table with another name or just generate a dump.

Why not use this mecanism? (until 12cR1)

  • If you have index associate with required table and this index was on different  tablespace, you can have some trouble.
  • You can’t configure options like parallelism or exclude index on datapump.
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