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Why you should consider cloud – today.

Okay. You open this post, I have your attention for perhaps 1 minute tops, and I hope your are not scrolling down doing some fast pace reading. I’ll not tell you that migrating to cloud you will save budget compared … Continue reading

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Wow – time goes by

Wow – 4 months and no news from us? Yeah, we know. Sometimes life take you the hard way, and days, weeks, months just pass in a blink of an eye. But we are back to business! New knowledge, new … Continue reading

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Why you should, and should not, worry about the new era of inteligent databases

These days I feel like an terminator movie, with Ciberdyne working really hard to make Skynet a cient being – to become inteligent. We all know that some activities are a best fit to automation, reason why we spend hours … Continue reading

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