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AWS Security – Serverless Security Responses

So, what is great about cloud today? Automation my friends. Lambda functions could help a lot, but implement a serverless security response framework is something great and not usual. Below we have an slide shared by AWS in a Security … Continue reading

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A how-to from AWS

I know you heard about the Amazon outage in a specific store when migration from Oracle to Aurora. But what you didnt heard is: they already migrate 88% of their Oracle park to Aurora, and the only real issue was … Continue reading

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Why you should consider cloud – today.

Okay. You open this post, I have your attention for perhaps 1 minute tops, and I hope your are not scrolling down doing some fast pace reading. I’ll not tell you that migrating to cloud you will save budget compared … Continue reading

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Dear boss, it’s time to patch..

I know. Its hard (even today) to get an planned downtime for your database. But when you tell your boss what this vulnerability can do, trust me, you’ll get your window. Some days ago, I receive the CVE-2018-3110 details. First of … Continue reading

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Oracle Database Support on the Cloud – when no news are bad news.

Hello there, hope you are well today. No major changes in this field since the launch of “Cloud Licensing Support” available here. AWS and Azure are supported, without the core factor for intel platforms, but no news from GCP. If … Continue reading

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Wow – time goes by

Wow – 4 months and no news from us? Yeah, we know. Sometimes life take you the hard way, and days, weeks, months just pass in a blink of an eye. But we are back to business! New knowledge, new … Continue reading

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Wish you the best in 2018!

Me and Sharedpool hope you a great new years eve, and a amazing 2018! copyright to Lucasfilm and Disney – always =]  

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Backup in the Cloud era – what is changing?

Hello there! Hope this post find you well. These days one of my customers ask me to advise him on backup/restore procedures and solutions on a new environment running on AWS. Production databases will run on EC2 instances, on Oracle … Continue reading

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Why you should, and should not, worry about the new era of inteligent databases

These days I feel like an terminator movie, with Ciberdyne working really hard to make Skynet a cient being – to become inteligent. We all know that some activities are a best fit to automation, reason why we spend hours … Continue reading

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The infamous jdbc closed connection

Sometimes you, as an DBA, is blamed for everything. The database is slow, unavailable, unpatched, and the list goes on and on. Sometimes, in rare situations, you can prove then wrong 😀 Last week we have been called to analyze … Continue reading

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